• Angela Cumming

How to Play Three Levels

AKA Word Salad AKA Intense Charades. Okay, I made that last one up but it explains the game well! This game is essentially charades on steroids and as the name suggests, has three levels to it. I was first introduced to this game during summers working for a private swimming lessons company. We would have staff socials and play this game together. It was hilarious and a great bonding experience!

Number of Players:

-Two teams of at least 3 people is ideal!


-paper cut in to smaller pieces for writing charades on


-a bowl or hat to hold all the charades

-a timer

Objective of the Game:

The main objective is to have fun and make a fool of yourself! The real objective is to be the team with the most points at the end. Like normal charades, you get one point for correctly guessing your teammates charade as they are acting it out.


Each player gets 5-7 pieces of paper (depending on the number of players; 30-50 total charades is good) and a pen to write whatever charade they want on it. DON'T SHOW ANYONE - not even your team members or best friend. Pick any person, place, or thing that your group would know. For example, Spongebob Squarepants, Narnia, and Thor's Hammer are all pretty good options. Fold each entry in half and put it in the bowl or hat.

Divide your group in to two even teams and pick one team to go first. Whichever player is going first should get in front of the group with the bowl and get ready.


There are 3 rounds (the rules of each round are below). This game operates just like charades where each team takes turns having one player as the "actor" while the rest of their teammates try to guess their charade.

Player one gets up and chooses one charade from the bowl. They have 30-45 seconds (your choice) to try and get their team to guess as many charades as possible. They cannot pass unless they don't know what the charade is. If their team guesses correctly then the charade is placed to the side and a new one is drawn. Keep drawing as many as possible until the timer runs out. The opposite team is responsible for monitoring the time.

When the timer is up, count the number of charades that were guessed - this is your team's current score. The opposing team is up next and has a chance to get as many points as possible. Play continues to alternate back and forth between the teams (letting each player on the team take a turn) until all the charades in the bowl are gone. This marks the end of the round. Total up all the points for each team and remember (or write down, if you're forgetful like me) the scores! Put all the charades back in the bowl and get ready for round 2!

Round 1:

In this round, you can act and speak. You can say anything to help your team guess your charade except for words on your paper. For example, if your word was blueberry - you cannot say a fruit that is blue because blue is part of the charade. You can say a fruit that is small and round, that is often purple-ish in colour.

Round 2:

This round is a bit trickier. You can act still but you can only say ONE word to get your team to guess. Choose your word carefully and remember that your team already knows all the charades that are written in the bowl. Sticking with the blueberry example, your one word could be "fruit".

Round 3:

Again, we get even trickier. This time you can't speak at all but you can act. Again, your team knows all the words in the bowl so pick actions that you already used in round 1 or 2 if possible.

The winning team is the team with the most points at the end of all 3 rounds.

Have fun and let me know your most creative charade!

Did you play this game or have any questions? Tell me in the comments!


© 2020 by Cambio & Co. Created by Angela Cumming. 

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