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How to Play Farkle

AKA 10 000 or Ten Thousand. I suppose I first learned this awesome dice game, known to me then as 10 000, in Florida while visiting my friend on his boat, but I didn't really grasp the concept then. I was re-introduced to it in The Bahamas this year and I was instantly HOOKED! It's exactly what any game should be - ultra competitive, super frustrating, and great for a group.

Number of Players:

At least 2, but 3-8 is recommended


-6 dice

-pen and paper for scoring

-Score Sheet (see Scoring)

Objective of the Game:

The winner of the game is the first person to score 10 000 points.


Gather materials and decide on which variations you will play with (see below under Variations).


One player is chosen to go first and play continues clockwise around the table. Each player takes turns rolling the dice to score points. You must score at least 500 to get on the board.

Players roll all six dice at once on their turn and see what their score is (See Scoring below). If they don't score anything then they FARKLE, score 0 for the round, and it is the next player's turn. If they do score something, they can set those dice aside and re-roll the others if they choose for a chance to score even higher.

The player can continue to do this until they decide to keep their score, they farkle and score 0, or they use up all 6 dice. When all 6 dice are used in a scoring combination, the player has the option to re-roll all the dice to continue his/her round and accumulate an even higher score. However, the previous score is not safe and there is a possibility of a farkle!

Players do not have to keep all the dice that score. They need to only set at least ONE dice aside in order to re-roll the remaining ones.

For example, if a player rolls 1-2-2-4-5-6, the 1 scores them 100 points and the 5 scores them 50. This isn't a great score so they can choose to keep only the 1 and re-roll the remaining dice. On their next roll, they roll 1-1-1-3-4. Since the first 1 (set aside) was during their first roll, it does not count with the triple 1s that were just rolled. Their total score would be 1100 at this point and they have the option to roll their two remaining dice again or end their round and add 11 to their total score.

Play continues clockwise with each player rolling 6 dice at the start of their turn and deciding which dice to keep. Continue to add up player scores as they take their turn.



You are the winner if you score 10 000 points (or more) first! Each player has one more chance to beat your score once you break 10 000.


-Three 1s can be scored as 300 points instead of 1000.

-Four of a kind plus a pair can be added to the score sheet for 1500 points.

-Some versions do not need a minimum score to get on the board.

-You need exactly 10 000 points to win instead of breaking 10 000 to win.

Do you have any variations of Farkle? Let me know in the comments!

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