• Angela Cumming

How to Play Dice Poker

Dice poker is an easy-to-learn dice game that I picked up in China (that place was great for dice games!). If you're like me and don't care much for poker, don't worry - this game doesn't feel the same as poker!

Number of Players:

2 or more


-5 regular six-sided dice

Objective of the Game:

The aim of dice poker is to roll the best poker hand and beat your opponent(s) each turn.


There isn't really a set-up. Grab a friend or two and some dice, and get going!


Choose one player to go first. Each player has three rolls to try for their best poker hand. Players can set aside any or none of their dice after each roll. They may roll their other dice again to try for a better hand, setting aside dice after the next roll if they'd like. Players can end their turn after only one or two rolls if they choose.

Scoring: Just like poker, there are some hands that beat others. The ranking rolls are as follows (from best roll to worst):

-5 of a kind

-4 of kind

-Full House (3 of a kind plus a pair)

-Three of a Kind

-Two Pairs

-One Pair

-High Roll

Sixes are high and ones are low (but you can also play with ones as the high roll, just like aces if you'd like!).


You are the winner if you roll the best poker hand! You can make the game last longer by doing a best of 5, or 10, game.


-Don't go so big that you get nothing! Sometimes setting aside dice during your first or second roll can help make sure you don't end up with nothing.

Have you ever played Dice Poker? Let me know in the comments!


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