• Angela Cumming

How to Play Contact

Contact is an awesome game to know because you can play it literally anywhere! I learned to play Contact during a surface interval in Honduras. Picture this: you just came up from an amazing dive, and now you're relaxing in the sun with all your friends waiting for the next dive while playing this awesome game. Life is good, right?

It seems that someone knows how to play Contact no matter where you go. I've since played at group dinners, at camp, during more surface intervals, and hanging out with friends on the beach.

Number of Players:

3 or more (more is definitely better)


The best part about this game is that it requires nothing other than you, your big ole brain, and some friends!

Objective of the Game:

Each round someone is 'It'. If you're it, then the object of the game is to prevent people from guessing your word. If you're not it, then the object of the game is to guess the secret word.


Choose one person to be 'It'. This person secretly picks a word. The word can be anything you want it to be. Longer words are better and try to find something that isn't ridiculously unique.


The 'It' player tells everyone only the first letter of their word. Now all the other players want to guess the secret word by making contacts. Once a contact is made, the It person must reveal the next letter in the word.

What is a contact, you ask? A contact is finding a related thing with someone else. It's much easier to understand with an example.

Let's say Patrick's secret word starts with an 'S'. Everyone else now thinks of as many words as possible that begin with S and how to describe them. I think of spoon and I want to make a contact with Sally. I say, "Is it a utensil?" trying to guess Patrick's word. If Sally knows what I'm talking about, she says "Contact!". On the count of 3, Sally and I both say "spoon". If Sally said the same word as me then we just made a contact and Patrick must tell us the next letter of his secret word, "S-T". Now, all our contacts must start with "st-".

Patrick doesn't want us to guess his word though so if he knows I'm talking about a spoon, he can cut in and say "It's not a spoon." but he must do this before our count of 3 is finished. This blocks our contact and we do not get another letter revealed.

Play continues with other players trying to make contacts and reveal more letters to the secret word, remembering that each new contact must start with all the revealed letters.


There isn't really a winner of this game, but the It person wins if they stump everyone with their secret word, and everyone else wins if they have amazing telepathy and guess the secret word. You can start a new round by having the guesser become the 'It' person.


-Inside knowledge is encouraged! If you and your friend are both massive Harry Potter fans and the 'It' person isn't then use this to your advantage and make a contact with those things! (This is fun for one, don't make every contact this way or it wrecks the spirit of the game).

-The more, the merrier! Invite all your friends or get the entire dive squad in on the game.

Have you played Contact? Where did you play? Let me know in the comments!


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