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How to Do a Deck of Cards Workout

The last few weeks have completely gotten away from me! I spent the long weekend biking 100km (!!!) with my boyfriend and searching for apartments then it was back to work! I’m working on getting the blog back on track, but my schedule is making it difficult. Thank you for your patience as I work on sorting things out!

I apologize for missing a week, so let's get into it! This week I'm mixing things up with a workout that uses playing cards! I learned about a Deck of Cards workout while I was living in the Bahamas, but never had a chance to try it. My friends raved about it and it wasn’t until I was stuck in my tiny apartment during quarantine that I finally gave it a go.

It’s a great way to add intensity and variety to a workout, all in a small space with little to no equipment.

Number of Players:

Just you! And anyone else you’d like to workout with.


-a regular deck of playing cards, Jokers removed

-something to write the workout on (I like a mini whiteboard)

-some workout equipment if you’d like!

Objective of the Game:

To get a great workout in, duh.


Decide on what workouts you’d like to do. The regular Deck of Cards Workout means picking one workout for each suit.

I’d suggest push-ups, burpees, jump squats, and sit-ups as 4 solid exercises to choose.

The point is to create an intense, full-body workout, but you can mix things up if you’d like to target certain areas. Write down what workout you’ve chosen for each suit.

For example:

Hearts – Burpees

Clubs – Jump Squats

Diamonds – Push-ups

Spades – Abs


Now the workout begins! Place the deck of cards in a pile, face-down, close to your workout area.

Draw one card at a time. The number on the card is the number of reps you do for that exercise.

A 7 of hearts means you’re doing 7 burpees. Keep drawing cards, one at a time, until the deck runs out. That’s the end of your workout!


You are the winner if you make it through the entire deck! I'll let you in on a secret - I never have and I still get great workouts in so don't be too hard on yourself and just get as far as you can.


-If you’re low on time, you can do half the deck to still get a good workout in.

-I like doing more than 4 exercises in a workout, so my boyfriend and I have been choosing 2 suits out of the deck and making one exercise per number. This makes a quicker workout and we get more of a full-body workout in.

Here is our typical workout:

Ace – 1 min plank

2 – 20 push-ups

3 – 30 calf raises

4 – 40 mountain climbers (20 per side)

5 – abs

6 – super burpees

7 – jump squats

8 – ITY raises

9 – shoulder A frames

10 – lunges

J – regular squats

Q – dips

K – leg raises

Feel free to comment or send me an email and info.cambionco@gmail.com for any questions about these workouts!

And there you have it! A Deck of Cards workout. Did you try it? What’s your favourite exercise? Let me know in the comments!


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