Frequently Asked Questions

Here to Help You!

Q. Where does the name Cambio & Co. come from? 

A. Check out my About page for the story on the name. 

Q. How do you know so many games?

A. Playing games - card games, dice games, or board games - is one of my favourite past times. I'm an extremely competitive person so I thrive on some friendly play. Through my travels and time in school, I've learned many games from different people in my life. I continue to play them and teach others. Now I'm here to teach them to you!

Q. What is a trump?  

A. A trump suit is one that is chosen in a trick-taking game, such as hearts or euchre, that is ranked above the other suits. A trump suit can only be played when you do not have any cards of the leading card's suit or if trump is lead first. A trump card will beat any card of another suit. For example, if the trump suit is diamonds and a king of spades and a 5 of diamonds are both played then the trump (5 of diamonds) would beat the king. 

Q. How can I submit a request for rules of a game? 

A. Great question! I love learning more games and I will do my best to find the rules of your submitted game to create a 'How to play...' post. Just fill in the form below!



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