Hi, I'm Angie!

Hey there and welcome to Cambio & Co.! I'm an adventurer from Canada. I work in outdoor education as a scuba instructor but as anyone who knows me well will tell you, I love to play games and I'm extremely competitive. I've spent many years living abroad and traveling and I've started to collect games over the years. I finally realized I needed a place to record and share them all before they were lost forever (since my memory is absolute garbage, as those same people will also tell you). Thus Cambio & Co. was born as a resource to share the rules of popular games with myself and others!  

Each game shared on the site comes along with a short story on where I picked it up. I've included playing card games, dice games, and games that require few or no materials. The instructions are easy to follow for you to get a game night going with friends and family or teach new friends while you're traveling. Every Thursday, I will share a new post to keep this resource growing!

The name Cambio & Co. comes from one of my favourite card games, Cambio. I learned to play in Utila, Honduras with a bunch of scuba friends and we played every spare chance we had. We taught so many other people how to play to make sure there was always someone around to play. I have fond memories from that time so I wanted to encompass that in my site. The & Co. part means collection as the rest of this site is a collection of so many other fun games that I hope you will make fond memories with just like I have! Happy playing!



© 2020 by Cambio & Co. Created by Angela Cumming. 

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